M5 x 25mm A4 Pan Machine Screw
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Product Details Part Code: 3525
Name: M5 x 25mm A4 Pan Machine Screw

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Made in A4 Stainless Steel
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Mixed Pack Sail Tell-Tales and Leech Streamers

Mixed pack of 10 pairs red and green wool Tell-Tales (for three headsails), 4 blue ribbon Leech-Streamers (for one mainsail). Self adhesive, easy to fit. Complete with fitting instructions. Improves your sailing performance:

When a sail is trimmed correctly all Tell-Tales on both sides will stream aft. If pointing too high or the sail needs trimming, the windward Tell-Tales will flutter and lift; if sailing too low or the sail is trimmed too tight, the leeward Tell-Tales will lift.
• When sailing a fixed course, trim the headsail to the Tell-Tales; when sailing on the wind, steer the boat according to the Tell-Tales.
• To check the fore and aft position of the sheet fairlead, sail close hauled and all the Tell-Tales should stream or lift together. If the fairlead is too far aft, the highest windward or lowest leeward Tell-Tales will lift. If the fairlead is too far forward, the highest leeward or lowest windward Tell-Tales will lift.

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Window Screws (Interscrews)

Made from A2 & A4 Stainless Steel, Part No. 1506 and 1510 come with knurled body.

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