2mm Split Thimble
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Product Details Part Code: 0132-10
Name: Made in 316 stainless steel.

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Product Specifications
Wire Size mm A mm B mm C mm D mm E mm
2 9 14 23 5 3
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Collared U-Bolts
In 316 stainless steel with stainless steel nuts under nylon collars. All U-Bolts supplied with 1 plate, 2 nuts and 2 washers in 316 stainless.
*Part No. 0223 has Nyloc nuts and Part No. 0224 has spring washers.
The advantage of the Baseline design for U-Bolts is that they are adjustable from above the deck where there is easy accessibility. The nuts can be run up by hand on the underside of the deck, where confined space often makes it difficult to use a spanner, and then can be tightened from above the deck. If necessary the nuts can be adjusted by up to 3mm, to compensate for any uneveness in the deck. After they are tightened the attractive nylon collars snap over them.

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Wire Pre Packs

7 x 19 construction flexable stainless wire, suitable for a wide range of applications.

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Single Wire Clamps (Simplex Clamps)
Simply place wire through throug the clamp, replace the plate and tighten the nuts to make an eye in your wire. We recomend not using 1x19 wire larger than 4mm as it is very difficult to get into the clamp. Made in 316 stainless steel.

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