MastWalker, folding mast step, folding mast rung


MastWalker™ Folding Mast Rung

MastWalker is now made in England by Baseline Marine Products Limited.
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MastWalker, folding mast step, folding mast rung
Overall Height 11 cm
Step Width 15 cm


MastWalker, folding mast step, folding mast rung

Simple folding action

Locks into place
Rattle proof design


MastWalker Benefits

Immensley strong - takes over 318kg (700 lbs) tip load

Neat appearance - folds flat to mast when not in use

Snag-free Design - halyards cannot foul on the folded rung
Low Windage
Rattle Proof
Solid Alloy Construction - other types of folding mast rung are up to 40% heavier


Main Uses

Full set for climbing mast, footrests near masthead or spreaders, between gooseneck and deck level for mainsail attachment and on transom to aid recovery of swimmers.

is fitted to all 12 of the BT Global Challenge Ocean Racing Yachts


Other Uses

Folding steps fitted to off-road vehicles - access to roof luggage racks

Telecommunications masts

Horseboxes - see photo right

The list is endless....

Folding vehicle steps

MastWalker can be purchased online in UK and Europe from



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