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MastWalker™ Folding Mast Rung

Questions and Answers

Q) What the advantages of MastWalker?

A) They are neat unobtrusive when closed (Like a clam shell). They cannot foul halyards when closed.
They can be fitted between the gooseneck and deck, where fixed rungs would foul everything.


Q) Won't they rattle when the engine is running?

A) No - a nylon set screw in the rung is adjusted after installation to provide a friction fit against your mast profile.


Q) Surely a closed loop rung is safer?

A) True - MastWalker is not intended to replace enclosed rungs but to offer greater security aloft to yachtsman and women who would not otherwise fit mast rungs.


Q) How many?

A) Spacing will depend upon the agility and leg length of intended users. It is best to err on the side of caution and fit rungs between 40-50cm (18-20") apart.


Q) How are they fitted to the mast?

A) Using 3 x 6mm c/s machine screws (Use 12mm long maximum on standard extrusions).


Q) Can MastWalker be rivoted to the mast?

A) Yes, it can be but the two lower holes would need to be drilled at a slight angle (approx. 5 degrees) to allow the rivot gun clear access.


Q) What are MastWalkers made from?

A) A lightweight, high-strength casting alloy.


Q) Why aren't they anodised?

A) Two reasons, firstly because the moving rung could then damage the mast's anodising and secondly because the marine grade alloy is extremely corrosion resistant.

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