Canopy Fittings

Stainless Steel and Cast Range

Stainless Steel and Cast Range (42)

Includes a vast range of cast stainless steel canopy fittings, including deck fittings and hinged canopy clamps. All fittings in the Stainless Steel and Cast range are compatable with each other, but are not compatable with Standard Range or the Heavy Duty range canopy fittings.

Standard Range

Standard Range (16)

Standard canopy fittings comprise of a stainless steel plate covered with a Nylon moulding. The Standard range of canopy fittings is NOT compatable with other ranges.

Heavy Duty Range

Heavy Duty Range (5) Heavier than the standard range of canopy fittings, only available for 1" fittings. The Heavy Duty Range is NOT compatible with any other ranges.

Universal Range

Universal Range (12) Universal range of canopy fitting parts that will fit all ranges of canopy fittings. The category including poles, parrel beads, tube joining parts and other useful products.

Canopy Track Systems

Canopy Track Systems (4) A range of canopy track systems, including all stainless, standard, heavy duty and the new innovative sleek track system.

Keyhole Fittings

Keyhole Fittings (3)

Keyhole range of canopy fittings, for quick release purposes.

Hand Rail Fittings

Hand Rail Fittings (8)

A range of cast hand rail fittings for 22-25mm tube, in 316 stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Tube

Stainless Steel Tube (8)

A range of 316 stainless steel tube suitable for canopy construction in 3 standard diameters, with tube forming tools and accessories.